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Bull of the Woods.jpg
Artist Statement

          I make paintings and drawings of landscapes that strike my inspiration with the power of their presence. With a focus on the beauty that surrounds us here in Oregon, I am constantly inspired by the distinct character of each region and the dynamic ways they change from season to season. Certain vistas like Mt Hood or the Columbia River and its dramatic transformation from east to west imprint themselves in my mind, driving me to explore their varying forms and colors repeatedly using different media. I depict these variations in ways that are both realistic and imagined, as a way of meditating on them further and seeking to express different qualities of the landscape’s character. Honing in on a landscape’s overall sense of movement, its balance of light and darkness through the use of warm and cold colors, not only brings a landscape to life, but makes me contemplate the delicate balances and cycles within us all that are mirrored in the landscape. 

          I work with colored pencil, ink, gouache, and oil paint on canvas or wood to focus on different qualities of a landscape. For instance, the black lines of pen and ink can capture specific details while colored pencil can capture its directional sense of movement. By contrast, the thick application of oil paint makes it possible to embody bold forms with a single defined stroke. I often exaggerate colors and play with the opposing balance of warm and cool because of the way this intrinsic duality brings things to life. Working on site and from my imagination enables me to become more present with the landscape and myself. With these paintings and drawings I hope to illustrate a landscape’s ability to inspire a deeper state of reflection and in turn, foster greater awareness and respect for the natural world.

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