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claire christy-tirado, pacific northwest artist, pnw artist, oregon artist

About the Artist

          Born and raised in Portland Oregon, Claire grew up surrounded by the natural beauty and striking landscapes of the Pacific Northwest. She developed a love for making art at a young age, and is deeply inspired by the natural world and the visual expressions of time and history. These interests led her to receive a BFA in Printmaking and a BA in History at the University of Oregon. 

          Claire pursues her own studio practice in Portland where she paints, draws, takes photos and creates intricate visual journals. She also practices calligraphy, illustration, and some graphic design. Claire Christy-Tirado’s paintings and drawings have been featured in solo and group exhibitions including the Oregon Society of Artists in Portland, Oregon; LaVerne Krause Gallery in Eugene, Oregon; New Art on Broadway Pop-up Gallery in Portland, Oregon; Art Design Xchange in Portland, Oregon; and Fresh Pot Cafe in Portland, Oregon. Her work is in public collections, including the University of Oregon Printmaking Department, and private collections in Vermont, Chicago, Hawaii, Eugene, Portland, Georgia, Alberta, and British Columbia. Claire enjoys participating in first Friday exhibitions and working on private commissions. Traveling with her husband and further studies in art history continue to inspire her work.

Moon and Sea, pen and ink, moon, claire christy-tirado, pacific northwest artist, pnw artist, oregon artist
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